Rogue Officers Guilty of Poaching

I was so sad to read today that ten security officers are implicated in illegal poaching in Kenya’s Tsavo Conservation Area. Rather than being fired immediately, they are to return to work twice a month and will be fired if they continue involvement in illegal activity.

Elephant remains in Cameroon, where more than 300 were killed by poachers, armed with grenades and AK-47s. Photo not associated with poachers in TCA. Source Link

Elephant remains in Cameroon, where more than 300 were killed by poachers, armed with grenades and AK-47s.
(photo not associated with poachers in TCA)
Source Link

So basically, more animals need to die before these ten…TEN…officers will be fired. That is crazy to me. If they already know they were involved in poaching, they shouldn’t be allowed to work in the wildlife service at all anymore. They should be arrested and thrown in jail. This sickens me. The very people to are supposed to be protecting the animals in the conservation area are the ones killing them. I am so sad to read things like this.

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3 thoughts on “Rogue Officers Guilty of Poaching

  1. It so tragic that these people would betray the very environment they vow to protect. Unfortunately a lot of these people live in economically deprived regions and they probably find it quite easy to justify their actions; they’re surrounded by ‘easy money’. There are so many things that need to change before poaching becomes less of a problem, I just hope we’re not too late in trying to fix things now.

    • While I was in Costa Rica at a Leatherback turtle station, they hired ex-poachers as security guards at the ends of the beaches because they would know the poachers tricks, but this required them to change their security radio codes and policies every could of years in case the guards were reporting to poachers. I wish this type of thing wasn’t necessary. I hope that educating younger generations, the children of poachers, may help with the problem.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard of similar schemes being quite effective in Africa; the poachers do have skills that can be used for good and as long as they’re being paid I suppose they end up being happy … hopefully.
        I would like to think that people’s default position is to love and respect nature to some extent, but it seems like that isn’t necessarily the case 😦 Education is definitely the best solution!

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