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Hey everyone! I know it has been years since I’ve posted to this blog. Life got busy between working full-time and going to school full-time.

Well, I’m back and I’ve started a new blog! Check it out at

All of the old content from this blog has been imported to the new one. Plus new content covering a little bit of everything including travel, health, wellness, self-care, living green, and more!

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Disney Nature: Monkey Kingdom

We recently saw Disney Nature’s newest documentary titled Monkey Kingdom, and it was pretty good. What I loved about this film that was different than previous Disney Nature pics was that they showed the interaction between the monkeys and their human neighbors. As humans develop more and more into previously wild areas, there will inevitably be some overlap. You get to see the difference in how they live between their wild home, and the one in the big city. Their sleeping habits are affected, their diets, and even their social structure. Narrated by Tina Fey, it had the typical style of other Disney Nature documentaries where the subjects are named, and the events take place from a particular animal’s perspective, in this case, an adult female monkey low in the social order. It follows the amazing journey of these monkeys from their home territory, to the big city, and back, and the female monkeys journey from the bottom to the top of the social hierarchy. I recommend this movie to both adults and children looking to learn more about nature and get a good story at the same time.

Review of ‘Wild’

I’ve always been into wilderness adventure books, but what I loved about this one was the raw detail that the author uses to describe her journey. Wild is a true story, more of a memoir, written by Cheryl Strayed about her summer hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in an effort to rediscover herself and come back from a dark place in her life.

Following the early death of her mother and the subsequent dissolve of her family, Cheryl’s life went into a downward spiral of drugs and devious sexual behavior. Then she found a guide book about the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) that started the snowball affect towards her healing.

She spares no dirty detail of her trip hiking the trail alone, though she meets some nice people along the way. You feel as though you are right there with her on the trail. You cry with her, you laugh at the funny anecdotes, and you feel like maybe you are growing and changing too. This books is inspirational to those who may have hit rockbottom and need to find a way out. It’s an inspiration to people like me who have an adventuresome spirit but may chicken out of some of the big challenges.

I read the first half of this book before hitting the road to California and listened to the rest as an audio book while driving. I definitely couldn’t put it down or stop listening. It’s so well written. I have deep respect for Cheryl doing what she did and then having the guts to write all about it without sugar coating. I definitely recommend this book.

Check out Cheryl’s site for more information:


Cross Country Move Part 1: Florida to Missouri

We made it to St. Louis! The first leg of our trip (Florida to Missouri) was pretty uneventful. The movers got to our apartment an hour late on Friday morning and we didn’t end up hitting the road until 3 hours after I originally planned so we kind of had to just drive all the way through to make up time. We got about half way by 11p Friday and stayed in Marietta, GA and then drove the rest of the way yesterday. Like I said, fairly uneventful. We will be visiting our families for a few days before the Missouri to California portion of the drive. I think that will be more eventful and scenic. I hope to get a picture of each state sign as we cross into them and I hope to find fun sites along the way to stop at! We will have quite a distance to cover in just three and a half days. Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 12.40.18 PM

The Great American Road Trip!

Today is the day we set off on our long drive across the country from Florida to northern California. While it is going to be long, I think it should also prove to be a very interesting and rewarding move. While traveling, posts to my blog may be few and far between, but I do plan to update as much as possibles with stories of where we go and pictures of what we see. We will drive two days to Missouri, and then after staying there with our families a few days, we will drive three days to California. Stay tuned for tales from our journey!