Cross Country Move Part 2: Missouri to California

We managed to arrive in Sunnyvale yesterday before the leasing office closed so we could stay in our own apartment last night. Nebraska was the windiest and most boring state to drive through ever. Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada were much prettier and scenic, though the stopping points were few and far between. I had hoped to find things like “the world’s largest…” but there were none. There were barely towns with hotels to stay in at night. We stayed the first night of the drive at our friends house in Kansas City, KS, the second night in Cheyenne, WY, and the last night in Elko, NV.

When we passed through Salt Lake City, Utah and saw the Great Salt Lake, we were both shocked. I’d never seen a lake that big! It looked like an ocean! And of course in my amazement, I missed the scenic view turnoff so the best I could get was a picture through the window of my moving car.

After that, there was miles and miles of open desolate salty looking desert. It looked as though a lot of people had stopped along the road at some point to make notes with stones on the white dry ground.

I love Wyoming, I knew it would be lovely. I went to Yellowstone and Grand Teton last summer with my family and didn’t want to leave. Nevada was also a good scenic drive with rolling hills and some mountains in the distance.

When we crossed into California, that was the most beautiful part of the drive going through the mountains. There were some flurries falling against our windshields at the higher elevations (6,000 feet at one point) but as we descended the flurries turned to rain. We both were in love with the breathtaking views. I can’t believe this is the state we live in now. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to explore all of the wilderness this state has to offer.

I got pictures of most of the state line signs for the states we went through between Missouri and California. I also took some pictures of some of the scenery. Pretty much all of my pictures are taken on my phone from my moving car.

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