Poor Caitlyn the Pitbull

Stories like this completely break my heart. I recently came across a Huffington Post article about a sweet, adorable pitbull named Caitlyn who was mutilated by horrible humans who taped her mouth closed. The lovable pup was found with tape so tight around her mouth that circulation was cut off to her tongue. Thanks to the veterinary care team at Charleston Animal Society, she is being treated,ย and is showing improvement. At the time of the article, Caitlyn had started eating some, but it is up in the air as to whether or not she will need to have a portion of her mouth and tongue amputated, though it seems likely.

The fact that someone out there is sick and depraved enough to do that to an animal is so disturbing. Isn’t violence to animals one of the signs of a sociopath? How can some one look a living creature in the eye and do something so cruel? The animals aren’t able to speak up for themselves, and they rely on their caregivers to protect them and keep them safe and healthy. Thank goodness there are people out there like the staff at the Charleston Animal Society to help care for these animals and give them a second chance. Working in the veterinary field, I hope I never have to see something so awful.

If you would like to learn more about Caitlyn’s story, check out the Huffington Post article here.


Revamp and a Fresh Start!

Those of you that follow my blog may have noticed that I kind of dropped off the grid a while back. I got a new job and have been working a lot of hours (50+ a week) and I am also a full time student taking online classes to become a registered veterinary technician.

I apologize for the lack of posts.

Now I hope to start writing more again. This time it will be different, though. I cannot promise regular posts about consistent topics. Ain’t nobody got time for that! There will be Weird Wildlife Wednesdays from time to time but not every week. Sometimes I may write about or post interesting things that I come across and they will be related to all of my favorite topics: wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary things, nature, travel, books, etc. I will try to postย at least once a week.

I thank you for your understanding and hope that you find some of what I post interesting!

First Post!

Well, this is my first post on my new blog. A million ideas for what to write about are racing through my head. I think in this first post I will just write about my passions and current happenings of my life.

This past weekend, Dan and I flew out to San Francisco to search for a new apartment. We ended up finding one in Sunnyvale, although if I had to select somewhere not in the city, it would probably be Mountain View. Unfortunately, Mountain View is a little to pricy right now. We meant to have two days for apartment hunting but Dan ended up getting a last minute job interview in the city for Friday which took up a lot of our time. Fingers crossed that he gets it!

I have a few different potential work opportunities right now. I am looking for work in a veterinary hospital right now because I plan to start an AVMA accredited online veterinary technology program in the Fall. To do the program online, I will need to work in a veterinary hospital. I figure that having a veterinary technology degree will help me out later when trying to work as a wildlife rehabilitator and when starting my own rehabilitation center. In fact, several of the rehab job openings I’ve found say “Registered Vet Tech preferred”. If I could find a rehabilitation job in the San Francisco Bay area right now, I would definitely pursue that over a veterinary job, but alas, that is not in the cards right now. In fact, I did apply for a couple of different rehab jobs but they wanted to fill the positions sooner than I was going to be able to move. I just have to keep checking I guess. There are a lot of places that do wildlife rehab in the bay area so I will volunteer as much as I can in the mean time.

We will officially be moving out of our apartment in Florida in mid-June and will be moving into our apartment in Sunnyvale a week later. The trip across the country is going to be long, especially with us each in our own cars and not riding together, but we plan to keep it interesting by stopping along the way at things like “World’s Largest ___” and other national landmarks. Not enough people do a Great American Road Trip anymore and we figure that this is the perfect opportunity. I will likely write about the things we see and do along the way so stay tuned for that.

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